Your online presence is important

Your gym website is your initial contact with many potential members.

Make the first impression a good one, with a professionally designed website that includes all the relevant information a visitor needs to know about your gym.

Improve your visibility

Most traffic to martial arts academies is from organic sources - through search engines and local listing sites.

The website we provide you with is optimized for discovery and indexing by search engines and listing services, by adhering to Google's website guidelines using semantic, clean site structure, and Microdata to convey important information to search engines.

Full Control Over Content And Branding

Personalize your gym website with your gym logo and photos.

In addition to predefined content such as gym schedule and location information, you can add custom content pages for additional information about seminars, competitions, events and more.

Support for all devices

Your gym website is accessible and usable from any device - including desktop comptuers, laptops, tablets and smartphones of all sizes.