Digital member sign-up and waivers

Sign-up members at your front-desk, using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, or remotely via a link you can send via Email. Members sign a waiver form digitally, freeing you from the paper trail.

At sign-up, you can note how the member found your gym and if he arrived via a referral. This data is aggregated and shown in the marketing dashboard.

Detailed member information on demand

Manage member information online and access it from your gym, your home or on the go. Keep track of each member with an easy-to-use, modern interface that provides important insights and reduces time waste.

Track member attendance

Track member attendance at the front desk, using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Members sign-in using a personal code, using a bar-code scanner, or via a name search.

Discover insights about your instructors, schedule and member progress through graphs and analytics of attendance data.

Learn more about attendance tracking

Manage contracts, agreements and other documents

Track and manage your member agreements and other documents in one place.

Collect digital signatures online or at the front desk, manage contract options such as auto-pay and receive notifications before documents expire.

Import and export member data at any time

Import your existing member data from most applications and services, and even Excel spreadsheets. If you need help importing your old member data, please get in touch and we'll do our best to help!

Your data on our service can be exported back at any time, as Excel readable files (CSV files). You can open your member data in your spreadsheet application, or use it for migrating to a different service if you decide to do so.

Email Communication

Send gym news and events to your members, using contact details already in the system - No need for 3rd party Email marketing tools.

Keep everyone up to speed and engaged, to improve retention and participation in the gym.