Self-service attendance tracking

Members and visitors can check-in at your front-desk with a keypad attached to a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Each member has their own 4-digit code for checking-in, and can also check-in using a name search.

Attendance Graphs and Analytics

Attendance data is aggregated and analyzed to provide you with an overview of foot traffic to your gym. You can view daily, weekly and monthly data for any date period.

Track promotions and individual members

Set up promotion criteria for each rank (and stripe), and generate reports on members' progress towards the next rank.

You can also filter and export promotion data in various formats for offline use.

Insights on instructors and training sessions

Gain insights on which training sessions and instructors are more visited than others. Sort by total and average attendance, filter data to a specific instructor or date period, and more.

Easily backdate attendance

If your tablet is out of commission or you need to track attendance for a class of small kids, you can quickly input attendance for multiple members at once for any previous session.