Self-service attendance tracking

Members and visitors can check-in at your front-desk with a keypad attached to a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Each member has their own 4-digit code for checking-in, but they can also check-in using their name if they forgot their code.

Attendance Graphs and Analytics

Attendance data is aggregated and analyzed to provide you with an overview of foot traffic to your gym. You can view daily, weekly and monthly data for any date period.

In-depth member attendance data

Keep tabs on member progress with details member attendance data. View member visits and hours logged over any time period, and a daily report of the last 7 days.

You can sort the data by visits or time logged to see who has been making an effort to show up and who has been falling behind.

Insights on instructors and training sessions

Gain insights on which training sessions and instructors are more visited than others. Sort by total and average attendance, filter data to a specific instructor or date period, and more.

Fill in the gaps in your attendance tracking

You can log member attendance for any previous session directly into the system. Additionaly, you can add your previous attendance records to have a full view of your members' progress.