We are martial artists and software developers

Martial Arts On Rails provides gym owners and martial arts instructors with the tools to operate a successful gym business.

We combine our background in running small businesses, software development, and our passion for fitness and martial arts to create easy-to-use tools that help non-technical people manage and grow their gyms and martial arts schools.

Downtown Austin

Built with love in Austin, Texas

Martial Arts on Rails LLC is headquartered in Austin, one of the major tech hubs of the US and the capital of Texas. Most of the team is remote however, with members all over the world.

The Team

  • Eran Galperin

    Eran Galperin - Founder, CEO

    Eran is a tech entrepreneur and software developer. He's been building web-based products and companies for over 15 years, and has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2007 (received his black belt in 2019). He now combines his passion for martial arts with his experience in software development and user experience design to provide gym management solutions with Martial Arts on Rails.

  • John Menard

    John Menard - UI/UX Design

    John is a multidisciplinary designer and strategist that has been designing and building products across numerous industries over the last 11 years. Away from the computer he trains Muay Thai, fidgets around on Raspberry Pi projects, mentors other designs and travels with his family.

  • Josh Peacock

    Josh Peacock - Content Marketing

    Josh is a lifelong martial arts fanatic, Taekwondo 4th dan, BJJ practitioner, writer, and marketer. In addition to helping martial arts school owners market their gyms more effectively, he also holds an M.Ed. in teaching & learning and has a passion for improving martial arts instruction.

  • Michelle Asato

    Michelle Asato - Quality Assurance Manager

    Michelle makes sure our software works more often than not! Michelle has trained and taught gymnastics, and has a degree in political science. She has previous experience in devops and operations. Her family has a long lineage of martial artists, and she is a food nerd.

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