We are martial artists and software developers

This is our vision of what modern gym business software should be.

Most martial arts academy owners have no prior business experience prior to opening their school. Running a regular business is difficult enough, but especially so for membership based businesses that require a large amount of people to pay on time on a regular schedule.

Martial Arts On Rails helps academy owners handle the administrative side of running a martial arts gym, by providing all the necessary tools to do so in a modern and user-friendly package, with a focus on the specific needs of martial arts schools.

It's our goal to help as many martial arts schools survive as a business, grow and prosper. We hope you'll find it useful as well! feel free to contact us with any feedback, suggestions or other comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

Built and run in San Diego, CA

MA on Rails is an LLC registered in the state of California. While some of our team members are located world-wide, our main offices are located in San Diego, CA. Please contact us for further information.