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KAIJIN MMA                                                                                                                                Student Profile,
                                                                                                                                                          and Release

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Health Conditions/Injuries                                                   Previous Experience

   The Student understands and agrees that strict observation of Kaijin's rules and the rules relative to the service or instruction provided, including the use of protective equipment, is required. The Student understands and agrees that the use of Kaijin's facilities and the Student's presence at Kaijin's facility are at the sole risk of the Student.
   The Student understands and agrees that the services or instruction provided may involve skills and training which include violent and sudden movements and that in connection with the training, there will be physical contact between instructors and Students, and between and among Students, and that such contact may result in personal injury to the Student, despite precautions taken to avoid suck injuries. Student hereby consents to engage in such contact as may be necessary or required by Student's participation.
   The Student, on behalf of him'herself and anyone claiming by or through the Student, hereby holds harmless, releases and forever discharges Kaijin and its instructors and authorized representatives from any liability, claim, loss, including loss of property, damage, personal injury, or expense incurred by the Student and arising from the Student's execution of this Agreement, payment processing, participation in any program offered by Kaijin.
   The Student specificaly understands and agrees that he/she is assuming the risk of any and all injuries that he/she may suffer or incur as a result of his/her execution of this Agreement and participation in any program offered by Kaijin.

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Kaijin Representative                                    Student Signature (Parent, if under 18)       Date

Photo Release:
The Student (Parent, if under 18) gives consent to be photographed or recorded on video during instruction at Kaijin's facility, and for Kaijin to use the resulting images and/or recordings for promotional purposes of the facility including, but not limited to, Kaijin's website, social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), flyers and other physical promotional materials.

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Kaijin Representative                                    Student Signature (Parent, if under 18)        Date

Done Clear Sign Below:

Kaijin MMA Safety Measures: 

  • The temperature of all persons entering the gym will be taken upon entry with a temperature gun. 
  • Any persons who are sick will not be permitted to train
  • The gym mats will be sprayed down with antiviral spray before and after each class 

Please help us keep the gym environment safe by practicing the following measures: 

  • If you are sick or if a family member is sick please do not come to train 
  • Always wash your gi as well as any clothing items before you come into the gym
  • Wash your hands before you come to the gym
  • We have sanitizer available to use


The health and safety of our members is very important to us. While these safety measures are based on government guidance to risk the transmission of covid-19, unfortunately the chance of transmission cannot be eliminated entirely and members must assume that risk by coming in to train. 

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that I and or my child(ren) and I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by attending the Club. 





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