Schedule Management

The gym schedule allows you to lay out the weekly training sessions at your gym, as well as scheduled events such as seminars, promotion events, birthday parties and more. This information is used for 4 important features:

  • The schedule shown on the gym website
  • Member attendance tracking, for tracking which session a member attended
  • Printing out a hand-out schedule
  • Session booking through the gym website

If you use any of those features, you should fill out the schedule before moving to other areas, which is why we recommend doing this as part of the initial gym set up.

Adding Events

To add a schedule event, click on the day in the schedule you would like to create the event on.

This will open the event creation dialog -

You can change the following properties before creating the session:

  • Session title: Describe the session in less than 250 characters
  • Start time: Hour and minute
  • Duration: In minutes
  • Instructor: Appears on the website schedule, and also used for time tracking for instructors.
  • Program: Pick the sport / program this session belongs to. This affects which sessions a membership provides access for.
  • Color: You can color-code your sessions, to make it easier to scan the schedule visually.
  • Weekly Recurring Event: By default, events are recurring weekly, allowing you to quickly build out your weekly training schedule. You can also add scheduled events on specific dates by checking this box off, and picking the date you would like the event to show on.
  • Show On Public Schedule: Show or hide this event from the website schedule.
  • Attendance Tracking: Event will be available for attendance tracking on the check-in screen.
  • Available for booking: Checking this box on will create a bookable slot in the booking section of the website and manager account. People will be able to book private sessions, the entire gym for events and any other kind of appointment you would like to create.
    • Save booking as a lead: You can have a booking create a lead in the marketing section if you would like to track it separately. This is useful if you create a bookable slot for a trial and want to make sure to follow up with this person later.
    • Max Capacity: You can allow multiple people to book a group session, and limit the number of people who can do it before it fills up.
    • Show only to members: Session will only be visible for booking through the online member portal.

To be able to assign an instructor to a session, you need to add that instructor information to the system first. Assigning an instructor to a session is optional, but doing so will create a more informative schedule on the website, and allow you to track which members have been training with which instructors.

It is possible to have overlapping sessions - as you might have more than one taking place at the gym at the same time.

Editing events

To editing an existing event, click on the event in the schedule. This will open the event edit dialog, which is identical to the event creation dialog. Click on the "Save" button to apply your changes.

Marking gym closure

You can mark the gym as closed for the entire day on the schedule by clicking the "X" icon at the top-right of the day column on the schedule.