Training Schedule

The training schedule allows you to lay out the weekly training sessions at your gym. This information is used for 3 important features:

  • The schedule shown on the gym website
  • Member attendance tracking, for tracking which session a member attended
  • Printing out a hand-out schedule

If you use any of those features, you should fill out the schedule before moving to other areas, which is why we recommend doing this as part of the initial gym set up.

Adding Training Sessions

To add a training session, click on one of the blocks in the schedule grid. Each block captures a 2 hour window, so click on the one closest to the starting time of the session (don't worry, you can further adjust the time of the session).

This will open the session creation dialog -

You can change the following properties before creating the session:

  • Session title: Describe the session in less than 250 characters
  • Start time: Hour and minute
  • Duration: In minutes
  • Instructor: Appears on the website schedule, and also used for time tracking for instructors.
  • Sport: Pick the sport / program this session belongs to. This affects which sessions a membership provides access for.
  • Color: You can color-code your sessions, to make it easier to scan the schedule visually.

To be able to assign an instructor to a session, you need to add that instructor information to the system first. Assigning an instructor to a session is optional, but doing so will create a more informative schedule on the website, and allow you to track which members have been training with which instructors.

It is possible to have overlapping sessions - as you might have more than one taking place at the gym at the same time.

Editing Training Sessions

To editing an existing training session, click on the session in the schedule. This will open the training session edit dialog, which is identical to the session creation dialog. Click on the "Save Session" button to apply your changes.