Member Settings

The member settings screen allows you control a few general options relating to member management:

Member Import / Export

You can import member data from other software via a CSV file format. CSV is short for Comma-Separated-Values, and most spreadsheet or database application can provide data in this format. The member import screen has more information on how to import member data.

Similarly, you can export your member data on Martial Arts on Rails into a CSV file, if you decide you want to close your account or just process the data in a spreadsheet application.

Member Accounts

You can enable or disable member accounts with this option. Member accounts allow member to log-in under in a portal with your gym's branding, update their personal details and payment card, and track their progress and attendance online.

Click here to learn more about member accounts.

Attendance Tracking

By enabling this feature, you'll be able to track member attendance via a numerical code or name search. See attendance tracking for more information.

Waiver liability form

You can input your waiver form details under this field. The waiver form is available to members for reading during the sign-up process.