Member Profile

You can reach the member profile from the member list, by clicking on the member's photo, name, or eye icon at the end of the row.

The member profile presents all the information relating to that specific member, including:

  • Name, contact information, address and emergency contact (in the left sidebar)
  • Active payment card (if any) - bottom of the left sidebar
  • Recent visits (if using attendance tracking)
  • Active subscription (recurring) payments
  • Recently made payments (with a link to the full payment history)

You can manage the member information from this page. Let's go over the various options:

Basic Member Information

The basic member information provided at sign-up appears in the left sidebar. You can click the "Edit Member" button at the bottom to edit that information at any time.

Next to that button, you'll also find the "Resend Access Details" button, if you have member accounts active. This button will send new access details to that member, so he could log-in to his account.

Payment Card

At the bottom of the sidebar you'll find the payment card information on that member. If you already added a payment card, basic card details will be shown (card type, expiration and last 4 digits), with a link to update it on the bottom of the card. Otherwise, a link to add a new payment card will be shown instead.

 Attendance, Subscriptions and Payments

If attendance tracking is enabled, the main area of the member profile will show his recent visits at the top.

Below the recent visits, information about the member's subscription plans and recent payments will be shown. You can also create new subscription plans and individual payments from this area.

Click here to learn more about member subscription plans and payments