Subscriptions and payments

In the main area of the member profile you will find information about the member's active subcription plans and payment history. You can also create new subscription plans and individual charges from this screen.


Subscriptions are recurring payment plans. The details of the active subscription(s) will be shown on the member profile.

You can create a new subscription plan by clicking the "Create Subscription Plan" button.

When creating a subscription plan, we can change the following properties:

  • Payment method - We can select which payment method to use for each payment. Payment Card will charge the card on file, if one exists (this option is disabled if no card has been added to the member). Manual Payment will not make an automatic charge, but instead will show a notification in the gym dashboard, and send an Email invoice reminder to the member on the due date. You can then mark the invoice as paid manually once the member has paid it in full.
  • Start date - The subscription start date can be either now or some date in the future. This allows you to defer the first initial payment to a future date.
  • Amount - The amount of each recurring payment. Note - you can change the amount of individual payments by editing those before they are charged.
  • Recurrence - The period of time between each payment. Can be any amount of days, weeks, months or years.
  • Description - A short text description for each charge that would appear on Email invoices and in the member payment history.


Individual payments made by the member appear in this section of the profile. This includes past payments, and upcoming / due payments.

 You can create an individual payment and charge the payment card on file, by clicking the "Create a charge" button.

The properties we can change are similar to the subscription plan, without the recurrence information.