Member management

The member management screen shows you the list of members in your gym, which can be searched and filtered. If you had just created a new gym, the list would be empty, and instead you will be presented with 2 options for adding members -

  • Add a new member manually - This is the regular sign-up form members fill out (or you fill on their behalf).
  • Importing members in bulk - If you have your existing member data in a spreadsheet or CSV file, you can export all of the members in one operation.

Once you have one or more members, they will appear in a list on the screen. The latest members are shown first, and you can navigate the list using the page links at the bottom, or via searching.

Member Status

Members are separated into different pages by membership status, and the default view shows active members. The various member statuses include:

  • Members
  • Visitors
  • Frozen (Members who are on extended leave from the gym)
  • Canceled

You can view the different lists using the navigation tabs on top of the list -

Member information and actions

The member lists shows basic information about the members, and links to the full member profile page for each. The information shown on the list includes:

  • Current photo
  • First and last name
  • Contact information - Email and phone
  • Join date
  • Last training session attended (if using attendance tracking)
  • Last payment (if any) - shows the last successful payment, or the last failed or overdue payment, if there is one.

The last row in the table shows two action icons - View (eye icon) and Edit (pen icon). Those link to the member profile screen, and member edit screen, appropriately.