Referral Program

A strong referral program can be one of your gym's most effective marketing tools. Martial Arts on Rails help you implement and track a referral program for your gym.

Referral Tracking

During member sign-up you can mark down how the member found out about your gym. One of the options there is "Referral", which opens up another field for you to enter the name of the member that made the referral. Chose the member from the dropdown that appears to mark them as the referrer.

Referral Data

New referrals appear in your marketing dashboard. You can view historical data for every referral made through the system in the referrals table.

You can search the referral history in various ways:

  • By the referring member name
  • By the referred member name
  • By a date range

At any time you can click on the "Reset" button to go back to the main referral listing.