Gym Staff

You can provide access to additional people to help manage your gym. Those people will have similar access as you, with a couple of important differences:

  • Only you can add and remove managers from the account
  • Only you can change the billing settings of the gym
  • Managing staff permissions

You can provide permissions for managers to access to all the other features, including member management, creating payments and subscription plans for members, attendance tracking, website management and more.

Adding and removing managers

To manage the people who have access to the account, visit the managers screen.

The user that created the account is the owner of the account. Only that user can add or remove managers, and change the billing settings for the gym. That user can also transfer ownership to another user, if necessary, by clicking on the "Make Owner" button.

New managers can be added via the form at the bottom of the table. Once you enter the name and Email of the person you want to add as a manager, he will be invited to create an account to manage the gym. Until that person creates an account, his status in the list will say "Invited", and you can resend the invitation at any time by clicking on the "Resend" button.


You can change permissions for different managers to accomodate specific roles in your gym. Click on the button to the right of the permissions to edit the current permissions.

What each permission includes:

  • Members - Access to member sign-up, listing and profiles.
  • Billing Overview - Provides access to the billing overview and revenue numbers.
  • Payments - Access to the payment listing, including upcoming and overdue payments.
  • Website Settings - Access to the website management tools.
  • Gym Settings - Access to the gym settings management, including gym address, contact information and logo.
  • Gym Schedule - Ability to manage the gym schedule.
  • Marketing - Access to all the marketing tools and data.

Check-in and Payroll

There are two ways to track payroll expenses through Martial Arts on Rails - hourly based and session based. When you create or edit a staff member, you can define their hourly or per session rates (or both). 

When a staff members checks-in with their check-in code (in the member check-in area), it would add 1 session for payroll calculation. Staff members can also log hours worked when they sign-in to their account. If you set an hourly rate to their account, they'll have a "Log Payroll" button at the bottom of the left-side menu, allowing them to input their hours.

As the account owner, you're also able to manually log hours for any of the staff members yourself. Click on the clock icon in the staff listing to log hours for that staff member.