Billing Setup and Options


There are several options you can change to customize how payments are handled at your gym.


You can choose your currency from over 135 supported currencies. Note that some currencies are not accepted by MasterCard (denoted by *).

Email Notifications

You can change the default setting for sending Email invoices when creating a payment, or when a new payment is scheduled as part of an autopay (recurring billing).

You can also disable payment receipts and failure Emails if you do not wish your members to receive those.

Retrying Failed Payments

You can instruct the system to automatically retry failed payments - two, four and seven days after the original payment date. Retrying failed payments a few days after can sometimes results in a successful charge, however retrying failed payments also runs the risk of being flagged by the credit-card company.

Tax Settings

You can set a tax rate to apply to all payments or just product sales. The actual tax collected can still be adjusted for each individual payment.

Tax can be added on top of the total amount (exclusive tax), or as part of the invoice amount (inclusive tax). Whether you need use one or the other depends on the taxation laws in your country.

Connecting a Payment Processor

We provide payment processing through a dedicated payment processor. This provides increased security (we never store payment information directly), and allows you to retain your members' payment information in case you decide to switch to a different system.

If you have an existing account with one of our payment processing providers, pick that option and click on the "Connect" button to authorize our platform to process payments for you.

Otherwise, you will need to create a new account - both Stripe and Square allow you to quickly start processing payments without opening a merchant account. Stripe also provides direct debit (bank transfers / ACH) in the US, and is our recommended provider if you don't have any favorites.

If you have any questions regarding payment processing, feel free to drop us a line!