Attendance Tracking

You can track the attendance of members at your gym, using a unique numeric code assigned to each. In order to use attendance tracking, the feature must be enabled in the member settings.

Multiple device support

As with all the entire manager interface, attendance tracking is fully compatible with different devices and screen sizes. This is especially useful for providing self-serve attendance tracking - you can place a tablet or smartphone at the front desk to allow members to sign-in themselves.

Tracking attendance with a numeric code

The main method to check-in members is using a 4-digit numeric code. You can find the code under the member profile, in the left sidebar below their personal information.

You can enter the code by using a keyboard, or by pressing the numbers in the virtual keypad on the screen.

Note the training sessions on the left - you can pick which training session a member is checking-in to, or pick "None of the above" if he's visiting for a session that is not on the schedule.

You can read more on the training schedule by clicking here.

Tracking attendance with a name search

If a member has forgotten their code, they can still check-in using their name.

Attendance Reporting

At any time, you can view a report of all past attendance at the gym. The report can be filtered to individual members via name search, and to specific dates.