SEO for martial arts gyms

In my previous article, I covered the main acquisition channels for new members at martial arts gyms. It may or may not surprise you that search engines accounted for a whopping 46% of new gym members. If you add map services such as Google Maps to it, which is another form of search, that comes to a staggering 63%. That means that on average, almost 2 / 3 of your member acquisition will arrive via online search.

Considering those numbers, it’s impossible to ignore how important it is for your gym to appear in those online searches. In this article I’ll explore everything you should know to make sure you have the search angle covered, and help you perform better than the average gym.

As much as I tried to simplify the topic and reduce the technical explanations to a minimum, this article is pretty hefty at 3500+ words, so you might want to bookmark it for future reading. Here’s the unabridged summary, for your convenience –

  1. Do you need to do SEO?
  2. Overview of what is SEO
  3. How search engines work
  4. Improving your site structure for search engines
  5. Creating quality and unique content
  6. Promoting your site and content
  7. Managing your business listings

Do you need to do SEO?

Perhaps you don’t even need to read this article. Open an incognito browser window, go to Google search, and search for your martial art in the city you are in, and see what the results are (for example, search for “BJJ San Diego”).

If you are in the top-3 results and the information that appears looks correct, there’s probably not much you need to do much right now. It never hurts to be aware of how SEO works, in case you ever drop in the rankings, but you can rest easy for now. If you are below the top 3 results or don’t appear at all, I suggest you keep reading.

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