Most Gym Websites Suck, But They Don’t Have To

As someone who moved a lot and likes to travel, I find myself searching for gyms in new places quite often. My first contact with a gym is typically through their website, and thus I’ve already seen a lot of variety in gym website design. Granted, it’s mostly BJJ schools websites, as that is the sport I train (with a few MMA gyms thrown in the mix).

Your gym website being the first point of contact with many potential visitors is something we already covered before, when we polled 250+ people on how they found their current gym. And yet, too many gym websites do not do a good job representing their owners.

The vast majority of gym websites suck

As I was looking for inspiration for our designer when we were working on our gym website feature, I got to see many types of gym websites from different sports.

As someone who’s been in the web development industry for many years now, and has a passion for good design and user experience (even though I’m not an actual designer), it pained me to see so many websites doing their owners a disservice.

As a potential visitor / customer, when I search for a gym I’m looking to find the following information:
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