Patrick Skinner - April 10, 2021

4 Things to do to increase SEO results for your Martial Arts Academy

Online search is one of the main ways people find businesses in the 21st century, and martial arts schools are no exception. Ranking high in search results in your area can increase your new sign-ups significantly.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the process of optimizing your online presence to help search engines such as Google recognize your brand and rank you higher in their search results.

In this article we’ll quickly cover 4 points that will help improve your search results rankings and drive more organic traffic to your website:

  1. User-Friendly Website Design: 
  2. Specify Location
  3. Geo-Targeted Keywords
  4. Unique Content Creation
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Recent Articles

Patrick Skinner - April 7, 2021

How to Recruit New Martial Arts Students with Email Marketing

Email marketing and list-building are the number one resource to create sales across many industries.  In saying that, email marketing is also commonly the most overlooked asset for martial arts academy owners. 

Martial arts schools need to attract students and retain them by building strong personal relationships. With the right tools and strategies built for martial arts school owners, it can bring in new students while also allowing them to devote their time and focus on their active students and classes. 

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Patrick Skinner - March 23, 2021

10 Things to Plan For When Opening Your Martial Arts Studio

Thinking about opening your own school? There are many things to consider and plan for before taking the plunge. In this article we’ll go over the top 10 things to think about in preparation for starting your own school.

  • Know Your “Why”
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Don’t Neglect Your Website
  • Free Marketing – Social Media
  • Building Your Student Base
  • Manage Your Costs
  • Discount With Caution
  • Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Know Yourself
  • Use The Right Tools For The Job
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Eran Galperin - March 19, 2021

Gym Owner Interview: Community Karate Center

We reached out to Lindsay Sutton of Community Karate Center in Saint Charles, MO, to ask her about the founding story of her Karate school.

Tell us about Community Karate Center – What is the story behind opening it?

In 2018, my husband Neil and I, along with our friend Michael, decided to open our own karate dojo. We knew that we could do better than some of the local schools and I loved the idea of having creative freedom to run the business however we wanted; putting the focus on traditional karate values with a strong emphasis on customer service.

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Wille Colon - March 2, 2021

5 Points To Building Out Your Kids Program

A strong kids program is extremely valuable to most martial arts schools. It’s a major stream of income, and the foundation for building a strong adults class focused on competition. 

Yet, at the same time recruiting kids presents a completely different challenge to recruiting adult members, and many gyms struggle to consistently add new junior members. In this article, we’ll give you the blueprint for building out your kids program into a successful and integral part of your school and business, including: 

  1. Making a strong first impression
  2. Connecting with the parents
  3. Winning over the children
  4. Having fun while training
  5. Rewarding effort and recognizing progress

Let’s dig in –

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Eran Galperin - January 14, 2021

Gym Owner Interview: Heroes Martial Arts

Alan “Gumby” Marques is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Ralph Gracie, and the owner of Heroes Martial Arts in San Jose. He is also the co-founder of the OTM (OnTheMat) brand. Gumby was also my (Eran) instructor and Jiu-Jitsu mentor for close to 4 years, and the person who awarded me my brown belt back in 2015. I talked to Gumby about his school and how he’s been dealing with the COVID situation.

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