Why We Use Stripe For Payments

A story recently broke out about National Fitness Financial non-payment to gym owners. National Fitness is a gym management software, not unlike our own, but one big difference is that they handle billing and collections directly, as it would appear from the article.

I cannot comment on the exact situation at National Fitness as they haven’t released a formal response yet, however it brings up a point that we often discuss with our customers – how we handle billing on behalf of gyms using our system.

Why You Should Always Use A Dedicated Payment Processor

Processing card payments – offline or online – is serious business. There is a ton of legal and technical obstacles to overcome to do it correctly and according to regulations.

A company that builds gym management software, should not be building its own payment processing as a side feature. There is a big difference between using a merchant account for your own business, and becoming a payment aggregator for other businesses.

This is why a dedicated payment processor is almost always the best option. A company that is built around the single focus of processing payments, and proves it can do it at scale.

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