The Martial Arts Marketing Secret that Builds 6-Figure Schools

…without selling out, watering down, or becoming a McDojo Effectively marketing your school doesn’t mean you have to sell out like a McDojo or burn through tons of capital you don’t have.  Unfortunately, dojo owners tend to shy away from professional marketing techniques because they perceive them to be shady, dishonest, and manipulative.  This was […]

How “Variable Practice” Builds Better Martial Arts Skills, Faster

Can curriculums and lesson plans be too structured? The question might seem absurd. In the old days, instructors would teach random techniques without rhyme or reason, making it difficult to learn a system and dramatically slowing progress toward mastery. So when structured curriculums came along, martial arts instruction was revolutionized and learners unquestionably benefited.  But […]

How to Motivate Students to Keep on Training

As instructors, we want our students to show up consistently, try their best, and put the work in. But there’s the problem:  Students sign up for classes and then drop like flies. With student attrition rates so high, how do you motivate students to stay and put the work in? During my time studying Teaching […]

How an Ancient Greek Philosopher Can Help You Make Killers on the Mat

What makes a good instructor? Charisma and character aside, most people will say a good instructor is very detail-oriented or is a detailed communicator or doesn’t let you get away with poor form. Students appreciate the high standards, and instructors pride themselves. And, after all, detailed instruction intuitively feels like high-value instruction… But what if […]


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