Josh Peacock - July 23, 2021

How to Grow a Martial Arts School

An Explosive Framework for Building an Unstoppable Army of Students Who Attract MORE Students to Your School

A business that isn’t growing is a business that’s dying. Growth is not merely a thing which helps you rest a little easier, or accomplish a goal, or feel a little happier: it is a matter of survival for your martial arts school.

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Eran Galperin - July 23, 2021

Feature Update: Monthly breakdown reports, Automations enhancements

Yesterday we released a quick feature update we’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks – monthly breakdown reports and automations enhancements.

We added 2 reports –

  • Member Monthly Summary report (under “Members” -> “Summary”)
  • Monthly Revenue Summary report (under “Billing” -> “Summary”)

Those reports show month-by-month aggregated data to give you a quick way to analyze how your gym or martial arts school is performing on a monthly basis. Let’s dive in and take a look:

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Eran Galperin - July 11, 2021

Feature Update: Paid Bookings, Point-of-sale redesign, Email customizations

We have another feature update for you, detailing additions to our software since the April update. Let’s dive right in:

Point-of-sale redesign

You’ve most likely have already seen our new point-of-sale – redesigned from scratch to focus adding products and usability on tablets. Product images from the online shop can now be displayed on the point-of-sale, and you can add products directly to a sale without going through the category picker that we had there previously.

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Eran Galperin - June 1, 2021

What is the average cost of opening a martial arts school?

Did you know that the average cost to open a martial arts school in the US is $50,000? Does that number surprise you?

In this article we’ll go over all the key items that add up to that cost, and what to consider when planning to open your own place – from location to mat space, to administration and marketing. We’ll even go over a couple of options for you to finance that cost. By the end, you should have a good sense of whether opening your own school is within your means.

Let’s start with one of the key aspects of a new martial arts school – location.

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Eran Galperin - May 11, 2021

Hidden Feature: Mass Check-in

In this series of articles we’ll be discussing hidden feature of our gym management software that might not be in the forefront when setting up your account, but can make life that much easier.

Today’s will be going over our mass check-in feature, or “Multiple check-in” as it’s referred to in the user interface. To access the mass check-in feature, go to “Members” from the main menu, then “Attendance” and lastly “Multiple Check-in”.

The mass check-in feature allows you to pick a session based on a specific date and time, and check-in multiple members at once. Once you pick a session, you will see all the members eligible to check-in by their membership and program they’re in (based on whether they have a rank in that program), and you can pick multiple to check-in at once.

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Patrick Skinner - April 14, 2021

4 Marketing Strategies That Boost Enrollment in Martial Arts Schools

To be a viable, long term business, a martial arts school needs paying members. Yes, your school may have an excellent facility with the best-in-the-business equipment while also teaching popular disciplines at the highest levels, but none of that will matter if potential students aren’t signing up.

Getting your enrollment numbers up is a challenge for many schools. However, there are several strategies to keep your student enrollment numbers up without having to discount your enrollment fees.

Here are four ways you can increase student enrollment in your martial arts school:

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Eran Galperin - April 10, 2021

Feature update: Private training schedule, family memberships enhancement and more

We wanted to share with you what we’ve been working on for the month of March / early April. Some of the new features / enhancement you’ve likely seen already, and some of it is less obvious, so read below to learn more about what is new.

Private Training Schedule

We’ve added the option to separate the gym schedule into a regular schedule and a private training schedule. This should help with cleaning up your schedule for your website or member portal, if you have many private training sessions that overlap with your regular schedule.

You can manage the private training schedule from the gym schedule management screen. If you have at least one instructor, you would see the “Private Training” option above the schedule on the right.

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Patrick Skinner - April 10, 2021

4 Things to do to increase SEO results for your Martial Arts Academy

Online search is one of the main ways people find businesses in the 21st century, and martial arts schools are no exception. Ranking high in search results in your area can increase your new sign-ups significantly.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the process of optimizing your online presence to help search engines such as Google recognize your brand and rank you higher in their search results.

In this article we’ll quickly cover 4 points that will help improve your search results rankings and drive more organic traffic to your website:

  1. User-Friendly Website Design: 
  2. Specify Location
  3. Geo-Targeted Keywords
  4. Unique Content Creation
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Patrick Skinner - April 7, 2021

How to Recruit New Martial Arts Students with Email Marketing

Email marketing and list-building are the number one resource to create sales across many industries.  In saying that, email marketing is also commonly the most overlooked asset for martial arts academy owners. 

Martial arts schools need to attract students and retain them by building strong personal relationships. With the right tools and strategies built for martial arts school owners, it can bring in new students while also allowing them to devote their time and focus on their active students and classes. 

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